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The Belly Button Buddies™ and Trek 2000 Corporation enjoyed a fifteen-year history, and, in that time, they produced paintings, poetry, posters, trading cards, stage shows, 2 books, 3 CDs, 2 DVDs, and thirteen episodes for preschool television.

The various components of the Belly Button Buddies entertainment package will live forever. The TV series is presently airing in Birmingham England (2015). The co-founders, Denyse Klette and Nicole Haddock Kozar are busy working on new projects. In 2015, Trek 2000 Corporation moved into a new warehousing space, and took the opportunity to share some of the remaining BBB inventory with the Saskatoon School Board. Children have been enjoying the giggles and excitement found within the various items they have received. The BBBs enjoyed the notes and calls that they received from appreciative recipients.

Trek 2000 Corporation has dedicated a space in their entertainment portfolio to the Belly Button Buddies. Please visit HERE for more information. You can keep up with any BBB news by liking the Belly Button Buddies on Facebook.